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We make the Fat Cat Chat apps that help people who cannot speak. Our apps help people talk ... and even play verbal games. Find out more at or follow us on Facebook at

Our previous products focused on making the Internet accessible -- for people who had difficulty reading.

HOW? We made a Talking Browser that is easy to use by people with several disabilities -- and Instant Message software for people who use Augmentative and Auxilliary Communication ("AAC") devices. We focused on the needs of people with learning disabilities, low vision, hand tremors, and intellectual disabilities. We offered a free basic version of the Talking Browser that anyone could download. Webmasters could even use our software to speech-enable their websites.

For more information on our Simtalk® products, see our "Talking Browser" pages or our "Instant Messaging" pages.

WHAT ELSE DID WE DO? We helped in creating Bibli's Bookshelf: a free online library of picture books and illustrated stories at We provided free and low-cost software and services to self-advocacy organizations like SABE (Self Advocates Becoming Empowered).

For more information click on our "About Us" page.

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