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Point-and-Read really began in the late spring of the year 2000.

Ben Slotznick was showing Jim Conroy some software at their thirtieth college reunion. And Jim said, "I have some friends that would REALLY love this!" Jim was talking about how the software might help members of Speaking For Ourselves, a self-advocacy group near Philadelphia. Then Steve Sheetz turned those ideas into programming code.

We have been improving the software ever since, by working closely with and listening closely to self-advocates and other people with disabilities.

Here is a little bit more about us.

Benjamin Slotznick, J.D., Ph.D. is a lawyer and software developer who has done many different things. Dr. Slotznick is the inventor of several Point-and-Read technologies (patented and patent pending) and holds several software patents. He also created the first on-line animated Scripture Readers, the first on-line animated News Readers speaking Spanish and English, and the first on-line animated Book Readers. A while ago in an academic setting, he conducted laboratory studies of small-group decision making and published articles in peer reviewed journals on game theory. He has also worked as a builder and real estate developer.

James Conroy, Ph.D. is a researcher who has evaluated all kinds of social programs for people with disabilities, elders, and children. Dr. Conroy feels fortunate to have studied the impacts of getting people out of institutions, getting jobs, and practicing self-determination. His work has shown the benefits of all three. He has published more than 25 articles in peer reviewed journals, has written more than 200 reports on impacts of social interventions, and is a frequently requested speaker on these topics throughout the country and the whole world. He strongly supports the self-advocacy movement for people with all kinds of disabilities.

Stephen Sheetz is a programmer par excellence. He has been the lead programmer for most Point-and-Read software and is a co-inventor of some Point-and-Read technologies. He has a degenerative vision disability, retinitis pigmentosa.

As mentioned above, some of the features of the Point-and-Read screen reader are patented (US Patent US 7194411B2 and UK Patent GB 2412049) while others are patent pending.

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