XK at the ATIA-Orlando 2013 Conference
View the slides (and presentation notes) as a PDF here.


The xk-protocol supports the x-callback-url and all its goals. Check them out at x-callback-url.com. However the xk-protocol extends the x-callback-url in several important ways.

  • First, the xk-protocol specifies named pasteboards for transferring data.
  • Second, it allows apps increased flexibility: (a) a called app can offer more than one interface and various different capabilities, and (b) a calling app can specify specific interfaces and capabilities.
  • Third, it provides semi-automatic ways that apps can discover each other, their connectability and their properties.

We wanted to not only make information transfer easy between apps, but we also wanted app developers to have some control about what would happen to information and workflow once it left their app. Hopefully this will encourage more developers to make their apps connectable with others.

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